*On our way to daycare* 
Cooper:  Where’s Daddy?
Me: At home.
Cooper: Where’s Avery?
Me: At home.
Cooper: Where’s Tyler?
Me: At home.
Cooper: Where’s Sasha[dog]?
Me: At home.
Cooper: Where’s Lucy[dog]?
Me: At home.
*long pause*
Me: Where do you think Deesa [cat] is?
Not missing a beat, Cooper: On the table.
The cat is literally always on a table, the kitchen table is off limits and Cooper hates when she sits on his drawing table, she gets shooed from the table often.

*I put on a skirt the other morning*
Cooper: Ohhhh…Mommy’s wearing a princess skirt, I want to wear a princess skirt!
Scott: We don’t have one that will fit you.
Cooper: Lenox (a friend at daycare) does, I can ask her for one.
Scott: You can do that.

*Driving home after daycare, we needed to pick up Avery*
Cooper: Home is that way (as we pass our street)
Me: We’re going to pick up Avery.
Cooper: I don’t want to get Avery, I want Tyler.
It amazes me that the kid knows when we get to close to home no matter which direction we take.

*Looking through an animal picture book*
Me: What’s this? (pointing to a ferret)
Cooper: Thats what Sasha ate.
*looks at the dog*
Cooper: We don’t bite our friends, Sasha!
Sasha killed a opossum a couple weeks ago and Cooper saw it before she got it.

Wildflower Center:

April 23, 2010. The day St. George slayed the dragon…the kids got to reenact the slaying of the dragon with helmets, swords and shields they made themselves. Cooper walked right past the dragon to smell the bluebonnets…he’s a lover, not a fighter.