Scott took off this week to spend spring break with the boys. Its been quite an eventful week too. The week started off slow but on Wednesday, I took the day off so we could spend the day at the rodeo. Cooper was so excited to go on the pony rides, play on the John Deer tractors, visit the petting zoo, he ate a corndog bigger than him, we watch Mutton Bustin’ which he will be participating in when he turns 5. Although hopefully by then he won’t root for the sheep. He stood up yelling “Go sheep, go!” and “Run sheep, run, good sheep!” He loved it and other around him were amused. We also watched the Swine Sprints and we ended our day with Whiplash, the dog riding monkey.

He cheered on the monkey even though the dog did all the work. We had a great time.

Thursday, Uncle Tiny came into town and helped us get a mattress for Cooper’s “house.” Scott made Cooper a loft bed which he calls his house. He moved his kitchen in, he has a bookshelf built into it that holds his books and anything else he decides, he has a rocking chair under it. Its quite the set up.

Afterwards Cooper, Scott and Uncle Tiny (Ty and Avery aren’t interested in the zoo) went to the San Antonio Zoo. We went a few weeks ago with Ronan and his family but this time the new Africa Live Exhibit was open. Cooper loves the zoo.

Which brings us to last night…Cooper spent his first night in his new bed all by himself! We went out, picked up new sheets and a waterproof pad, came home and put them on his bed. He was so excited. We hooked up the baby monitor we received as a baby gift and never used until now…it also has a night light on it, bonus! Cooper and I laid down in his bed and read books like usual, then we turned off the lights, I reminded him that if he woke up and needed me all he needed to do was yell and I’d be right there. He yelled at 4a.m. and again at 5:30a.m. Both times I was right there in no time and he was back to sleep within 10 minutes. He did really well. Cooper even called me on the phone this morning to tell me he slept in his bed and he was wearing Elmo underwear.

Underwear…we’re not pushing it since he just moved into his new bed but Cooper’s been showing more and more interest in potty training so we picked up some underwear when he got him sheets. I can’t say he’s been consistent with using the potty but he uses it in the morning after he wakes up and last night he used it before we put on his underwear and then spent the few hours before bed in his Cookie Monster underwear. We need to pick up pull ups for when we’re out and about until he’s more used to using the toilet. Progress…