This past Saturday was Explore UT Austin. Luckily we had an in on parking since Uncle Fred works for UT…he was also happy to join Cooper and I to the event. Cooper’s two main objectives were to meet Clifford the Big Red Dog and eat gummy bears. Both he accomplished, although Clifford was a bit intimidating so he stood and waved from afar. He got to play in the fountains around UT, made a hat from a brown paper HEB bag, ate liquid nitrogen ice cream, walked a lot, got a balloon hat and made fake snowballs. We stayed for about 5 hours before calling it quits.

A couple days ago I happened to mention to Scott that his sister’s birthday was coming up on the 14th. Cooper was sitting there when I mentioned it, he got really excited and started talking about “We sing happy birfday Aunt Wori.” For days now all we hear about is Aunt Lori’s birthday, we get to sing, blow out candles, fire fire and eating cake. He is so excited. I called her yesterday and set it up for Friday for her to come over so Cooper can sing, blow out her candles and eat cake.