Wow, I haven’t updated much the last few weeks. Can’t believe Cooper will be 2 years old in 10 days. Life has been hectic, but in a good way. No pictures as of now, but hopefully soon. I also need to start taking notes. I feel like Cooper is learning new things daily and I keep thinking “Oh, I need to remember to write something about this.” Now that I sit down, I can’t remember half of whats happened.

The old daycare had their Fall Fest. Cooper carried around his costume like it was a security blanket, refusing to wear it. He did try to trade it for Ronan’s sword (he was a pirate). Ronan didn’t think it was a decent trade so that was the end of that. It was great to run into parents we hadn’t seen in awhile. Fall Fest at SLICC is always fun.

Halloween came and went. Cooper was an Easter Peep. He got rave reviews although he refused to put the costume on until a neighbor told him he could ride in his child’s electric hummer. Cooper came running with hands above his head so we could slip on the costume. Unfortunately he only got to sit in the hummer rather than drive it since his costume made him too big to control it properly. Cooper was excited to trick or treat although he kept stepping into people’s homes. He also wanted to eat the candy as soon as he got it. We did allow him to eat candy when all was said and done, he had his first sugar high. Needless to say, he was a bit insane, using Scott’s ears to play “Row, Row, Row your boat” among other antics.

This past Saturday Cooper was a leaf boy (alternative to a flower girl) with Ronan in Sarah and Diana’s wedding. He did really well, luckily they didn’t expect him to stay in one place. He wandered off when needed and came back when he wanted. He also refused to part with the leaves in his bucket and proceeded to add rocks, flowers and even trash to it. It was a very special day for all involved. Looking forward to seeing pictures. Sarah was absolutely beautiful. They are both very lucky to have one another.

One huge thing that Cooper has learned this week, instead of saying yep or yeah, he says YES!  And says it was such enthusiasm.  Its pretty cool.

Next up…birthday parties, lots of them, including Coopers…