One of these days soon there will be an update with pictures, tons of pictures but until then, you get words, lots of words.

Last Saturday the kids and I headed to the coast with friends for the day.  Its about a 4 hour drive one way.  The kids did great although I did hear more than once “my seat” from Cooper since Tyler kept trying to rest his arm or head on his car seat.  His carseat still sits in the middle of the backseat which doesn’t always leave room for the other boys so I hear that often.  Avery called shotgun on the way into the car which meant Tyler got front seat on the way back…Cooper was too tired on the way back to fight with Avery. 

The boys spent most of the time in the water.  Cooper had no fear or hesitation, not even when salt water washed into his eyes.  They dug holes, made sandcastles, found shells and jumped waves for hours.  By the time we packed up the cars, I was exhausted.   

All in all, we had a great time.  Took quite a few pictures, it was extremely sunny so I had no clue that a fingerprint was on the lens so some pictures look cloudy.