Our first week at the new daycare comes to an end tomorrow, its been an adjustment.  Not only for Cooper but for us also, new rules, new parents, new routine, etc. 

Cooper seems to be doing fairly well.  One child from the previous daycare is in his current class and two others (including Ronan) are in the classroom next his which means he gets to see them on the playground often.  The long-haired guinea pig is named Chance and he made his first appearance outside the cage yesterday.  I got a report that Cooper was the only one that already knew about and used gentle touches while petting Chase.  (We use gentle touches at home often with our animals.) He’s been taking naps fairly well.  He gets more outside time than he used to, although they haven’t perfected their “watering” system when the kids need a drink. 

As for us adjusting…we have to pack more food than we used to so I’ve been trying to become more creative with his choices and packaging of these choices, this includes milk if we want him to have it (which we do), the drive is less hectic on the way to daycare and work, unfortunately I can’t say the same for the drive home (major traffic),  we now provide sippy cups, sleeping mats, among other things and we now get a daily sheet that falls short in comparison to the previous daycare but we’re adjusting…

Basically, we’re all trying to work together to make it a smooth transition for Cooper.  The goal is the same for all involved which is what keeps me from running in the other direction sometimes.