Cooper turned 21 months on Wednesday.  I can’t believe he’s so much closer to 2 years old.  His vocabulary is expanding daily.  When you describe something, he repeats your description at the time and uses it later which is really cute.  An example of this is there is an old half-eaten apple on a playground we use often.  Whenever we go, he goes back to see if that apple still exists and tells me, “old apple, ick” each time.  Amanda told him the other day that it was an old nasty apple which now he repeats “old nasty apple, ick.”

Cooper still loves to spend most of his time outside.  He happy playing in the backyard whenever we’re home.  He goes from his swing, to sandbox, to his little kitchen in the patio, to his water table.  He has a bubble machine which he knows how to operate and does so freely. 

Cooper is very excited over “big trucks” and “bikes” and “bike helmets” which he sees on our way to and from daycare each day.  He tells me daily about the “water” under the bridge on 1st Street. 

At bedtime when the lights go out Cooper likes to sing “Night, night __________ (3x), its time to go to sleep”.  He inserts his friends names (Ben, Nathan, Eleanor, Avery, Oak, etc.), his teachers names (Amber, Nick, Becky, etc.) , our animals names (Sasha, Deesa, Lucy), Family (his brothers, daddy, mommy, Aunt Lori, Nama [Grandma], the dogs that live next door (Bebe and Zar) and the dogs that live next door to daycare (Ivan and another name I haven’t caught yet).  We sing this over and over until he falls sleep. 

Tuesday Cooper starts a new daycare (we transition him Monday).  He doesn’t need to leave his current one until January but an opening came available at an awesome daycare and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.  Plus he has 3 other friends attending also.  We will lose our deposit on the daycare we have set up for January but this one is so much better, the director isn’t crazy, there is more structure, no TV watching, better child/teacher ratio, the rooms are bright and cheery, his class has a guinea pig with bangs and the playground is huge.  With only a few days notice, his teachers have expressed their extreme disappointment in his leaving early.  I’m quite bias so its comforting to know that he’s a child whose really liked and enjoyed.