This past weekend Cooper was a complete socialite. Saturday, he had a playdate with his friend Nathan first thing in the morning at Ramsey Park. He had a great time and hopefully next time we’ll have longer to play.

Next was Liam’s Birthday Party at Kiddie Acres. Cooper was very excited all the way there, repeating over and over “Liam’s party.” Once we arrived Cooper found Liam and stuck with him for most of the party. Cooper turned his nose up to the pizza and only ate cake once the frosting was removed and any cake that had touched frosting.
*sidenote: There is a picture of me in an airplane (I did not fit) with a friend’s child who was too small to ride alone. Cooper was riding in the plane behind us and he kept putting his feet onto the wings like my feet. I had to keep reminding him to keep his feet in the plane or they were going to have to stop the ride, he was very sneaky.

Afterwards Cooper had a short nap on the way home and woke up asking to “Swim.” (When he woke Saturday morning he found his tube, put it on and asked to “swim,” I told him “later.” He does not forget.) I called a friend to see if she wanted to swim with her kiddo, she was busy. We called Aunt Lori to see if she wanted to swim, luckily she did. I made Cooper finish his lunch before heading over to Aunt Lori’s house. As always, Cooper loved swimming.

Sunday was a lazy day except for swimming with Eleanor and her mom since they couldn’t make it the day before. We tried a new pool at West Enfield Park. Apparently there are floaty rules, which we weren’t aware of…no floaties in the deeper end of the pool which is odd since the kids could touch in the shallow end and didn’t need floaties. I will say, it was very nicely shaded.

Cooper and Ronan have gotten to play after daycare each day last week and so far this week. Ronan is usually gone before I arrive to get Cooper so this extra time has been very cool for both of them. They play really well together.

Pictures from Liam’s party: