Yesterday was a hard day to be away from Cooper.  Some days while at work I get an intense feeling of missing Cooper.  Its time like that which I’d love to leave work and spend the rest of the day with the Coop.  His little face, his laughter and his smile makes everything better…not that anything is actually wrong.  I just miss him.

We have no real plans today so we’ve been home, playing outside, painting and coloring, he even helped me clean up a bit but that was a few hours again and no one will ever believed that we cleaned up now.

I was counting teeth last night, Cooper’s up to 16.  Two have come in right under the radar…actually I thought something was going on since his fingers were constantly in his mouth but I dismissed it.  Next time I should pay attention to that motherly instinct.

I started letting Cooper pull up a chair next to me if I was standing at the counter doing something, just so he could see. I remember doing it at my grandparents house when I was little so I didn’t think too much of it.  In fact, it was cute to watch him.  Well, Cooper now pulls up a chair anytime he feels like it and sometimes its just so he can get himself a snack.  Scott isn’t too fond of his new found skill/independence.

There are a ton of picture on the camera again but here are a few from the computer in the meantime: