Better late than never…
Cooper turned 19 months on June 19.  It doesn’t seem like a lot has changed this past month but I know he’s not the same child I was hanging out with last month.  This kid has more words although I don’t recall what they are since he talks a lot, making us laugh often. 

Two new teeth made their appearence during the month which seemed more painful than previous teeth. Thankfully thats over for now.

I had been letting Cooper “drive” when we got home at the end of the day. We’d sit in the car and he’d “drive”.  I had to break that habit since every time we went near the car, if he wasn’t allowed to “drive”, we’d have a meltdown.  Not fun.

Cooper’s sense of humor has truly come full circle.  He gets jokes, he loves to sneak up and tickle you, he’s all about hide and seek, he dances like no ones watching, he is just so much fun to be around.  Life had truly become boring before Cooper arrived, especially since his brothers are teenagers which means we’re uncool so they spent most of their time in their rooms and only emerge at dinnertime.