These are things that I may or may not have mentioned lately which Cooper is doing and I want to make sure I’ve documented it. 

Cooper eats at the dinner table, sitting in his own chair.  He does fairly well using a fork, spoons are more of a challenge but he’s catching on.  He does really well eating as a family.  I’m sure lunch time at the daycare is similar so he gets lots of practice sitting at the table, eating.  He usually sits next to one of his brothers and sometime during the meal tries to feed one of them or starts kicking them under the table.  I’m sure there will be lots of kicking under the table in our future.

Cooper sees us scoot Lucy, our chihuahua mix, out of the way with a foot.  Unfortunately Cooper thinks we’re trying to kick her so he walks around hide her, kicking at her.  Thankfully she moves faster than he does as he tries to aim and kick.  Poor Lucy, she puts up with so much.

He’s really loves to play hide and seek.  His favorite place to hide is behind the livingroom curtains.  He sometimes lets his feet stick out so I’ll “step” on his toes, he thinks its a great game.  We also hide behind the ugly orange chair in the livingroom, behind doors in the bedroom and sometimes he’ll open the laundry shoot door and the linen closet at the same time to make a barrier to hide behind. 

At daycare Cooper loves art and outside time.  He loves when its hot and the kids get to run around while the teachers spray them with water bottles.  He also likes when his teacher does his “hair”.  He comes home with a ponytail standing straight up on the top of his head.  She said he’s the first one in her lap as soon as she pulls out the hairtie box.  He used to be the first one in line when they pulled out the stickers and/or tattoos, not anymore, he’s all about having his hair done.   Although since its long enough on top to make a ponytail, its time for a trim.

Cooper currently has a total of 12 teeth, this includes 4 molars.  I love his smile.

Cooper’s temper tantrums are sometimes funny.  When he doesn’t want to do something he lets his whole body go limp.  Its funny and frustrating all at the same time.  We try to distract him with questions, such as, what does the {insert the name of an animal} say?

I love how Cooper says “Weddy, go” (Ready, go, he rarely says set)  He uses 2 to 3 word phrases often.  He especially likes sticking his hand or foot places and telling you “I stuck”.

Cooper also loves to “read” his books to himself and sometimes he’ll even “read” to others.  I’m just glad he loves books.