Last week was Spring Break for all 3 boys.  Scott and I took the week off also so we could have some family time. 

Saturday and Sunday was spent switching Avery and Cooper’s rooms.  The goal was to move Cooper closer to our room so he could make the transition into his own room and the transition would be easier on me since he wouldn’t be all the way across the house.  Cooper loves to play in his room although we haven’t made him sleep in it yet. Avery is happier being further away from our room so he can play his music louder.

Monday started off with a haircut…Cooper is no longer sportin’ a mullet.  It was done in our bathroom at home so there are no pictures since I held Cooper while Scott used the clippers.  We did, of course, save the hair.  I was amazed at how still he sat.  He did really good and now looks more like a boy than a baby.

Afterwards we headed to San Antonio to spend the day at Sea World.  We gave Ty and Av money and let them do their own thing, meeting back at the gate twice during the day.  Cooper learned that dolphins make an “eee, eee” sound.  He does it very well.  They had a seal, sea lion and otter show which Cooper LOVED!  He thought the otters were kitties so he was thrilled when they came out during the show.  Big Bird also put on a show which he thought was cool, especially when Elmo came out.  He danced in the aisle.  He’s all about Elmo right now.  (Elmo is almost as bad as Pooh in my book)  Cooper was happy in the children’s section, he bounced in their foam area, he and I climbed through tubes and climbed a rope net and played in their huge sandbox.  We had a great time.  He slept from the time we left the park til the next morning, it was a very long day.

Tuesday we went to the rodeo.  Cooper loved visiting the rabbits which had been brought in that day to be judged.  The bulls and cattle were to arrive later in the week but he was happy with the petting zoo.  The animals weren’t really interested in eating the food they sold us so Cooper would find an animal laying down and pile the food on its back and then brush it off.  He thought that was a great game.  Afterwards he got a pony ride, he sat very tall on the pony, looking very proud.  He kept petting the pony.  We watched the pig races and they had a pretend barnyard area with small ride-on tractors for the kids.  He collected the pretend eggs and apples, kissed the pretend chickens and rode the tractors.  He also met the Borden Cow, Elsie and her calf before heading for home.

Wednesday we traveled back to San Antonio to visit the zoo.  We met Cooper’s friend Ronan and his parents there.  Av wasn’t thrilled about going to the zoo but got over that fairly quick once we arrived.  Cooper was very excited to see Ronan when we arrived.  Those two together are a hoot.  They loved looking all the animals, Ronan can name a lot of them, Cooper sticks with the sounds they make.   Both boys were asleep before we even made it to the petting zoo so we cut the visit short, we’ll go again this summer.

The remainder of the week Avery and Tyler spent with family.  We used that time to do stuff with Cooper that the older boys wouldn’t have really wanted to do, mainly went to different parks, visited a nearby pond that has quite a few turtles, ducks and geese.  We also checked out daycares since Cooper will be 2 in November so we needed to get on waiting lists since the current facility only goes to age 2. 

Pictures to follow soon.