There was no cat trade.  Our friend was willing to leave Penn with us but I don’t want 2 cats, especially since they didn’t get along and refused to even share a litter box.  So Penn is gone, Cooper seemed to notice for a few days but then our cat actually started letting Cooper touch her and started coming when he’d open the bedroom door in the mornings to call “Kitty, here kitty.” 

Cooper has a friend Ronan at daycare, they have become the best of buds. Ronan is 3 months older so they’ve known each other most of their lives.  Ronan refers to Cooper as “Booper” and he often asks for him in his great little kid voice which is so cute.  The other day we walked in and another parent told me Ronan was asking for Booper. Heh.

This next week is Cooper’s transition from our room to his own room. I’m kind of looking forward to it but honestly, I’m not sure I’m ready.  Its not going to be an easy transition.

The week before last we finally broke Cooper of his before bedtime bottle. Yes, he was 15 months and still having a bottle before bed.  Thankfully that wasn’t too traumatic.  

Cooper’s been quite unhappy since its been raining off and on for 4 days now.  He hates being inside, he keeps going to the door asking “ou side”…I keep reminding him that its cold, muddy and BRRR…which he then repeats Brrr…

This morning I was talking to my mom on the phone and Cooper kept grabbing it and saying “Hi”.  He’s always been facinated with the phone but this is the first time he’s actually talked INTO the phone while someone was on the other end, usually he just stares in confusion if someone talks to him. 

Last weekend I picked up a Sit N’ Spin for Cooper at a consignment event.  He loves it and has figured out how to use it properly too.  Although he has also learned that even though its a sit n’ spin, you can stand n’ spin too!

His 4 molars have finally all broken through.  He seems so much happier, we had started letting him chew on teethers again to help with the discomfort.  He’s all for teethers.

Cooper should be waking from his nap shortly so I will leave you with long overdue pictures:  Tissa getting kisses, Cooper with his brothers and Cooper in his swing (I know its a blury picture but the kid moves fast and he loves it).