We went over today to meet Otissa, Aunt Lori and Uncle Fred’s new puppy.  She’s adorable and so small.  Cooper wasn’t too sure about her at first but quickly warmed up to her and kept calling “here kitty, kitty.”  Did I mention she was small?  He also really enjoyed going outside with her, sharing her toys (they make good teethers) and trying to sit close to her without squishing her.  When it was time to go he finally said “bye puppy” and gave her a kiss.  He was also very good about gentle touches, I think we’ll be invited back to see her again.

Something Cooper started doing over the weekend that I hadn’t really paid much attention to until today.  When he wants something, such as wanting to swing, he stomps his foot as he waits by the swing until we notice that he’s asking to swing.  He does it if he wants to go outside as he stands by the door waiting.  Its cute for now but its not going to fly for long.

We’ve been working on changing Cooper’s bedtime to earlier.  He’d been staying up until 9 or 10 each evening, waking at 6:30 and then having a rough morning until it was time for his midday nap at daycare.  Last Thursday we started putting him to bed at 8 and his mornings have been so much easier for all involved.  I had forgotten that he needs more sleep than the rest of us and he’s been completely ready to go to sleep at 8.  Simple changes make a world of difference.