Cooper’s body has decided to randomly expel his food.  Wednesday morning about 3:30a.m. he randomly threw up on me and part of the bed.  We were planning to change the sheets just not that early in the morning.  Although Wednesday Cooper had a great time with Sarah all morning and part of the afternoon.  They met up with Amanda and Ronan (his buddy from daycare) and went to the Children’s Museum.  Cooper LOVES the Children’s Museum.  No issues at all. 

This morning I show up at 7:30 to drop Cooper off on my way to work, before I even hand him over he throws up all over me and Sarah’s carpet.  Shortly after he fell asleep.  I think his body is trying to fight something.  I hope he wins.

We’re suppose to go to the Trail of Lights this evening but I don’t think I’m going to venture out with Cooper not feeling well.  Maybe Sunday evening…