There was a mishap with our camera Friday evening so I am depending on others to send pictures…you know who you are.  We will be replacing the camera as soon as we figure out which one to get…as it turns out the one we owned hasn’t gone down in price and we’ve had it for 2 years! 

Anyway, Cooper’s party was a success!  Family and friends came, cake was had, presents were opened and he was even good about sharing all his toys, new and old.  We had a great time and hope everyone who joined us did also! Things we learned:

Icing is gross, chocolate is pretty good:
coopbdp4 coopbdp7

Toys are cool:
coopbdp61 coopbdp5

Parties are tiring:

Scott turned Cooper’s carseat around yesterday.  He got in the car this morning and said “Ohhhh” at the new view, we pulled out of the drive way and he looked a little worried but I reassured him, when we got to daycare I realized he had been gripping the arms of his carseat for some time since his fingers were white from holding on tight.  I felt so bad, he never even make a noise and I kept looking back at him to make sure he was okay, he seemed fine.  Poor kiddo.  The ride home will be better.  Although its gotten to the point where he cries when its time to leave daycare.  He loves going outside and playing with his friends. 

Speaking of daycare, he is adjusting to the new classroom. On Friday he even took his cup to the sink when it was time (some kids take a while to catch on to that task) and he sat and listened all through story/song time (5 books) without wandering the room.  I’m so glad he’s happy!

By the way, Cooper may be billiard bald forever…everyone seems to have hair but him!