Saturday, Morgan did the Walk for Autism with our group. To Cooper’s delight, there were a lot of snacks along the way, he ate bananas, animal and Goldfish crackers, there was water and juice, plus he got a couple balloons which were actually the highlight of the walk for him. It was a bit cool so I bundled Cooper up:

On Sunday Scott and I checked out Art from the Streets. It was our first time going, its a nice idea. Afterwards we took Cooper to West Austin Park. They have swings, playscape for big and little kids and a dog park. Cooper met another little boy named Liam. They played for quite a while. We took Cooper over to the dog park, he liked watching the dogs play through the fence, he was even more thrilled when 2 of the dogs came over to investigate, licking Cooper’s hands through the chain links.

Today is Cooper’s first original day as a Bear at daycare. He was excited to be in the Bear room when I dropped him off this morning. Hopefully he’ll have a good day. I have a Board Meeting at the daycare tonight which means Scott will pick Cooper up. I’m sure Sarah will and Amanda will fill me in on his day though.

Cooper turns 1 on Wednesday!!!!!