This weekend wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.  Mainly due to Morgan keeping me busy! Most of the weekend was spent at FunFunFunFest but we also went to see Role Model with her mom (hilarious!) and we ate and ate and ate and ate… It was a good weekend, I adore Morgan!

Scott and Cooper arrived home last night safe and sound.  Its so good to have them home!  Cooper wasn’t sure of me when I arrived at the airport to get them.  I wasn’t wearing my glasses so I think that might have been it, plus it was late.  Scott said he did great on the plane.  Once we got home Cooper was thrilled to see Avery.  They played for a bit before it time to call it a night.

Cooper was only gone a week but he is so much more steady on his feet than when he left.  I actually saw him do a little run this morning when I dropped him off at daycare.  He’s also more vocal than he was before he left.  Just watching him this morning was so cool, he’s always so happy, every day with him is amazing.

Avery and Cooper at the zoo last month:cooper260