Halloween is over and done with.  We went over to Aunt Lori and Uncle Fred’s Halloween night.  Cooper had a blast walking around the yard, watching all the kids come and go.  I let Avery and Tyler trick or treat after all. In fact, the boys didn’t know the neighborhood so about 8:30 Fred ventured out on the scooter to find them, not only did he arrive home with the boys in tow but also the 15+ pounds of candy besides.  Needless to say, we shared it with Lori and Freddy. 

Saturday morning Cooper and I met up with Sarah, Diana, Amanda and Ronan for breakfast at Kerby Lane.  Ronan and Cooper were a bit surprised to see each other outside of daycare but as always they were happy to see each other. The waiter added an extra table at the end of the booth with highchairs on each side so the boys could face each other which was completely new to both so right away they started pushing the table back and forth until we roped them in with crayons and paper.  Cooper eventually ate the tip of his crayon but all in all, we had a good time. 

Cooper has started giving kisses, open mouth kisses. 

Cooper and Scott leave for New York tomorrow morning to see Scott’s parents.  Its going to be odd having a whole bed to myself and missing out on having a small sweaty body against me. (Yes, I’ve gotten back into the habit of bringing Coop into the bed when he wakes during the night, he just so snuggly and warm! )