Cooper had a doctor appointment this morning since he’s still been coughing, wheezing and congested.  The doctor officially diagnosed him with Asthma since we’ve been battling this for almost a year.  She changed the medication for his nebulizer so hopefully we’ll start seeing a difference pretty quickly.  Other than that, he’s healthy.  She did recommend that he get a flu shot since he’s traveling up to New York to see his grandparents next week.   He was more mad about the shot than upset.  He did want to take off the bandaid shortly afterwards.  Scott thought she’d mention the bruise on his cheek from a fall Monday evening but I assured him that she has probably seen a ton of bruises on kids his age so it doesn’t faze her.  I really like our doctor. 

Cooper weighed 25lbs today.  He’s a big boy.  He’ll return next month for his follow-up, along with his 1 year check up and shots.

Cooper had a blast during Fall Fest on Monday.  The balloons, streamers and costumes were the best he’d ever seen!  He kept pointing and saying “Ooo…Ooo”.  He was very excited.  His costume fit perfectly and was a hit, although he became filthy very quickly since he decided to eat dirt and liked it.  Pictures will follow as soon as we get them from other people…can you believe it, we FORGOT the camera!?!