I’m not sure Cooper is truly binky free…he is at home but at daycare, Amanda (his teacher), has mentioned he’s quite sneaky when it comes to stealing other kids’ pacifiers.  Whats more amusing is that when he was able to have them he was very picky about the “kind”, he has no preference now that they’re stolen.

Speaking of daycare, Cooper has been entranced all week long.  The house across the street from the daycare was demolished by a huge excavator earlier this week, the excavator later had to load all the debris into a big semi, plus the church next door got a new roof installed which added the excitement.  Cooper tried not to left the window all week.  His favorite word lately is “Ooooo…Ooo…Oooo”, accompanied by lots of pointing.  Very appropriate this week.

Tomorrow is the Mommy and Me Consignment Event.  Scott and I usually go on Sunday when almost everything is 50% off. Unfortunately, this time I didn’t plan well since the Adventure Race Lori and I signed up for is at the EXACT same time as the hours of the sale. Scott may still go Sunday but Amanda and I are going together Saturday morning for the presale event. This is where we get most of Cooper’s clothes for the next 6 months, at which time the summer/spring sale event takes place.

Speaking of new to us stuff…we are getting a cat. A friend got accepted to Border Patrol Training and has to be there Monday morning so we are getting his cat. This is a cat that his realtor had to make a sign for [Don’t touch cat, he will attack] when showing the condo to potential buyers. Penn is actually a few sweet cat, he’s just old, set in his ways and doesn’t like strangers. Its going to be an adventure. The cat was suppose to come with a couch (yay, a new couch) but then the couch was sold instead…I am a little bitter about not getting the couch with the cat.

I think Cooper can walk but chooses not to.  Again and again I’ve caught him taking steps from one object to another, bending down and standing back up on his own and even looking to see if he’s being watched, if he is, right away he drops to his knees and crawls.  Actually, I think he just likes being able to tear around the livingroom like this: