Cooper was sick yesterday, mainly runny nose, congestion and fever.  I suspected an ear infection so I had Scott take him in (he took off work and stayed home with him).  The doctor said that his ear were clear and it was just a virus.  Since he’s been congested she said to use the nebulizer every 4-8 hours until he’s clear.  He’s doing much better today, his fever is even gone.

Cooper has transitioned from his infant/toddler tub to the regular bathtub.  Now we need to get a sticky mat since his butt slides ALL over.  He loved having more room for his toys, more water, and being able to  slide from one end to the other.

The kids and I are meeting up with Aunt Lori this afternoon for lunch before heading to Border’s Bookstore this afternoon for their kids party.  (The email Border’s sent out made it seem much more interesting than the link on their website, not the way to attract customers) Cooper will at least enjoy watching the other kids, looking at books and getting a cookie.