As I was leaving the daycare today I got a “bye mama” with a continuous wave!

Cooper and I are taking the day off together tomorrow. We were selected to host a Fisher Price Playdate which was suppose to happen this past weekend but we didn’t plan well with Ronan’s party and such so Cooper and I are going over to visit Sam’s daycare to throw a playdate all the kids there and all the new toys. Should be fun.

Cooper is learning to rolls things over to the couch that he can use to get up on the couch with, sometimes he uses daddy, the dog, his musical chair or the package of toilet paper if it hasn’t been put away. Once he get up he sits on the couch, looking very pleased with himself.

Cooper’s been snotty and stuffy the last couple days, this morning we gave him a nebulizer treatment since he’s also been very raspy in his chest. I think its good we’re taking a few days off, relax and recoup. We’re taking Friday off too since Tyler is getting 4 teeth pulled in preparation for braces next week. Fun, fun…