Cooper has had many friend’s turn 1 recently which means he’s had quite a few birthday parties to attend.  He’s really starting to get the hang of the birthday parties, he likes the kids, toys, food and sometimes even the cake. Its got me thinking more and more about Cooper’s upcoming 1st birthday and what we’re going to do for it. Luckily its in November and hopefully it will be nice and not so humid by then.

[Beginning of August]:
A couple weeks ago my friend, Jen, her son, Ozzy, turned 1.  Cooper thought Ozzy was pretty cool (we haven’t spent much time with them) and had some cool toys.  He didn’t open his presents while we were there but Cooper enjoyed the food and was quite content with climbing the stairs in her house. He didn’t have cake either since he’d never had it and I wasn’t sure how he’d react. That was also before I started not caring about allergies and introducing new foods randomly.

[Mid August]:
My friend, Heather, her son, Liam, turned 1.  There were tons of other kids and Heather’s house is FULL of toys. Cooper had a blast watching all the new kids, playing with all the toys and just plain having fun. Cooper ate like there was no tomorrow, he sat quietly while Liam opened his toys and tried cake for the first time. Frosting was NOT a hit but a small amount of cake was although we learned that he needs water to wash it down with else it gets stuck to the top of his mouth. We had a really good time.

[Beginning of September]:
This weekend was his friend Ronan’s 1st birthday party.  Ronan was napping when we arrived so Cooper was the center of attention which he LOVED.  When Ronan woke up and realized Cooper was there he was quite intrigued until he realize that Cooper was playing with HIS toys (Ronan’s an only child).  He kept going over, taking a toy from Cooper and giving it to his Grandma to “watch”.  It was very funny and Cooper is very mellow when it comes to toys right now so he didn’t care, he just moved to the next one. He had a good time, he ate some food although he was very tired so shortly after food he took a nap while Ronan opened his presents which I think worked perfectly. Ronan was very concerned when he realized Cooper was napping in his crib, too cute! Once Cooper woke up it was time for “cake”. Ronan’s cake was a sugar cookie with cheesecake frosting and fruit on top. He was mesmerized by the cake on fire too. Cooper liked the fruit, hated the cookie and ate only a tiny bit of frosting. He also really enjoyed Ronan’s cat. We both had a lot of fun.

I think Cooper is starting to understand that a birthday party is very similar to a playdate. Kids come over, you get to play and everyone eats. He seems to really enjoy them and is quite social once he’s comfortable and realizes I’m not leaving.

Amanda sent me the following pictures (more will be posted once I get her permission to use pictures of her child):
1.  Despite the sad look, he really did have a good time.
2.  Playing the piano, which was a HIT (I’ve got to find one of those)
3.  First taste of a strawberry, he decided later they weren’t so bad.