Scott is still learning how important it is to say goodbye to Cooper when you leave him.  Last night was Back to School Night at Avery’s school so I took him to that, Scott had a Junior Marines meeting to attend with Ty at his school so Lori agreed to sit Cooper.

I left, said goodbye, no problem.  Lori was bathing Cooper when Scott headed out with Ty and he didn’t let Cooper know he was leaving.  As soon as Cooper heard the door close, he crawled out of the bath tub and started crying, not just crying, turning red, SOBBING crying!  Lori said it took her quite awhile to calm him down before he sat up in her lap and waved at the door. 

Cooper is very big at goodbyes, he likes to wave and say “bi”.  Its very cute and he’s good at it and likes to show off this great skill.

Everyone is learning that Cooper is a very big eater.  He LOVED food, especially fruit.  The boy can eat 3X’s his weight in watermelon.  Literally.  Last night for dinner he ate 2 hot dogs, a very LARGE bowl of watermelon, some yogurt melts, mac n’ cheese and some grapes…he likes his food.  He eats a lot at every meal and isn’t too picky about what he eats although right now his favorites are chicken, watermelon, grapes, cantaloupe, meat sticks (which are just gross), bananas, carrots, applesauce and nutri grain bars.  Basically, if it fits into his mouth, he eats it.

Cooper has adjusted well to having a new teacher, even though its our friend Amanda, its still a change and adjustment.  Most of the kids in his classed moved up, including Ronan who he played with a lot throughout the day.  A bunch of new babies came in to replace his friends moving up, he’s now considered the “big” kid in the class and he seems to be enjoying that a lot.  He loves poking the smaller babies, he thinks they’re quite fascinating.  He and another little boy spend their day crawling after one another.  Cooper loves to play chase, so this is right up his alley.

The other day he took 2 steps towards me.  He had no clue he did it and he hasn’t done it since.  He really doesn’t have the balance to truly walk yet.  Hopefully he’ll work on that while on the playground with his buddies who moved up.