Cooper turns 9 months today. 

Last week Cooper discovered Quacker Rice Snacks, small Cheddar flavored rice cakes.  He LOVES them!  From what I can tell, he thinks they’re just as good as Cherrios. Nutrigrain bars have become a hit also.

The doctor asked yesterday if he says mama or dada…sadly, the answer is no, he does say “yay”, “bye” and”ba” which means either bottle, ball or bath, depending on the situation.  His talking skills just haven’t fully blossomed yet.  A few months ago he had some language skills such as bob and ma, those have now ceased. 

He does know what things are when to him though, such as, he looks for the dog when you ask, “Where’s Sasha?”.  He knows that “Stick em up?” when he’s in his high chair means he needs to stick his arms up so we can slide the tray on.  When you say, “Do you want up?” he holds his arms up.  If you ask “Are you done?” when he’s in the bath he starts to crawl out of his tub.  

Lastly, the daycare is working hard with signing and at home we are trying but Cooper doesn’t seem to care for it but we’ll all keep trying.