Cooper was running a fever (101.3) yesterday afternoon so I had to get him from the daycare and take him back to work with me.  Needless to say, he hadn’t been fever-free for 24 hours so he’s here with me again today.  At home we have a game that when we do a diaper change or after his bath he gets to run naked for a few minutes.  Unless he is on a changing table in a public restroom or at the daycare, with me, he tries to run naked, my office is no exception.  He crawled as fast as he could, naked and laughing the whole time.  I probably need to stop this game before he gains the ability to run out the front door…

Scott took off work early today so I wouldn’t have him in the office all day.  By the time he arrived Cooper was ready to go and quite excited to see him.  Raising his hands for Scott to pick him up.  They have  bond.  I’m good for food, bathes, owies and cuddles but Scott trumps me every time when he’s ready to play.

Some things I’ve been wanting to document just for me own recollection:
Cooper loves to make noise whether it be talking, “singing”, or screeching, he loves to make noise and especially loves when you screech back at him.  He laughs over and over.  He’s very vocal on our way to daycare each morning.

Cooper is nosy and/or curious.  Plain and simple, he hates to miss a thing.  He’s always looking around the person directly in front of him to see whats going on behind that person.  If someone goes around a corner, he strains his neck to see where they’ve gone and he also waits for that person to reappear.  When shopping he’s gotten into the habit of trying to turn around in the cart so he can see where we’re going rather than just being happy to look at us or watch things pass him, plus I think he’s realized that it gives him the opportunity to point at things and people coming his way.  He’s gotten very good at pointing when he wants you to look.

Cooper’s 9 month check up is Monday.  9 month already.  He truly is growing in a little boy rather than a baby.