Another tooth popped out on top Saturday which was a bit of a relief since Cooper had been extremely fussy off and on during the day.  Once it made its way through the rest of the evening was smooth sailing. 

Avery’s been asking to watch Cooper for months now. Each time Scott and I even mention going somewhere, Av pipes in with “I’ll watch Coop.”  Well, last night, even though Lori said she’d watch him, we gave Avery a chance.  Granted, we left late enough so Cooper would almost be ready for bed but Avery did really well.  I think working at the daycare this summer has helped him mature some too.  Cooper thinks the world of Avery, which is kinda cool.

Ty returns from his father’s this coming weekend.  I’ve missed him like crazy, although I will admit, I did not miss the bickering which he and Avery do together.