Cooper had his first nosebleed and first ear infection.

Yesterday as soon as I arrived at work the daycare called to let me know Cooper was running a temp of 102 (we thought he was warm but hadn’t taken his temp).  I grabbed Cooper and returned to work.  Luckily I have a playpen in my office and quite a few toys in my car so it wasn’t a big deal.  Scott was running Avery to appointments but once he dropped Av at work, he came to get Cooper.  I called the nurse to see if we should bring him in and she said that since he’d also had a runny nose, cough and slight fever for over a week that it was best if he were seen so she made an appointment that afternoon.  When Scott took him in his temp was 103.5 so they took blood, ran tests and concluded that he had a double ear infection.  I guess since he’d never had an ear infection he figured he’d do it right!  Poor little guy.  Scott picked up his prescriptions (antibiotic and ear drops for pain) on the way home and he spent the remainder of the day resting.

Cooper was still running a fever of 100 so I stayed home this morning and Scott took the afternoon shift.  While on my watch, Cooper fell and hit his nose on the coffee table.  He cried and it bled…his first nosebleed. Thankfully it didn’t bleed for long but I know it hurt, he needed quite a bit of cuddle time afterwards. 

Cooper can’t return to daycare until he’s been fever free for 24 hours which means tomorrow I’ll go into work late with Cooper in tow, stay for a couple hours just to get stuff done and leave when he becomes restless. I love having so much time with Cooper, even if he is sick.

By the way, Cooper weighed 22lbs yesterday at the doctor’s office.  I guess all the moving around he’s doing now is keeping him from gaining by leaps and bounds.