Scott has become more adamant about not bringing Cooper into the bed with us at night (I’ve been doing it 2-3 times a week).  Well this weekend Cooper wasn’t feeling well which made it hard for him to get comfortable since he had a runny nose, coughing and if he lost his pacifier it was like the end of the world, he wasn’t going to search for it.  Saturday night, actually Sunday morning, at 4a.m., I demanded to switching sides with Scott since I was too tired to fight with Cooper anymore.  Scott did better than I expected but Sunday night, as we were getting ready for bed he said Cooper could sleep with us if needed.  I think it was mainly due to Cooper waking at 6a.m. Sunday morning and not going back to sleep…I was just thankful Scott was willing to negotiate.  In the end, I brought Cooper in our bed around midnight last night and he slept quietly until about 6:45 this morning, didn’t even wake once for a bottle. It was wonderful…

The guys came and did the duct work in Cooper’s room so its now cool and ready for him to move in there .  As many of you have probably predicted, Cooper won’t be in his own room for a while longer.  Making my way across the house isn’t something I want to tackle in the middle of the night half asleep.

On another note, Sarah has agreed to stay at our house for a night so she can watch the dogs and the boys for a night so Scott and I can celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary at the end of the month.  Woohoo…a whole 25 hours of nothing but sleep if we wanted!