I’ve started to dread diaper changes, not because of what could be lurking inside but its become a constant struggle to keep Coop in place.  He tries to escape every time the diapers removed and when theres poo, it can become quite interesting.  I even prepare everything ahead of time so I don’t need to do a thing.  I give him a toy hoping it will keep his attention but then something else in the room catches his eye and he’s off, trying to scoot away using his legs to push himself along.  He’s also perfected the rolling over onto his knees before I’ve even gotten the new diaper under his butt.  Even when I grab his feet and hold them in the air so he can’t getleverage, he still manages to twist his body and uses his hands to pull his body away.  Soon its going to take 2 people to change his diaper…although the daycare doesn’t seem to have a problem and they are changing 8 kids in constant rotation. Agh.

Cooper and I havea playdate Saturday with Liam, Heather and Samantha.  I mentioned it last night and Avery told me that boys don’t have playdate, they hang out…no dates.  Heather mentioned that Liam, whose 10 months old, is walking now so it should be a lot of fun. 

Sarah agreed to watch Cooper for Scott and I on Saturday evening so we’ve got a date.  He’s taking me to dinner and a movie.  In fact, we’re seeing the Sex and the City movie, now thats love.  I wanted to go with my girlfriends but they had either seen it, had no desire to see it or some *gasp* had never even seen an episode!