This was Scott’s official First Father’s Day. Granted, he’s been my kids step-father for years but now that Cooper’s arrived he gets to see how Father’s Day is when you don’t have to share the child.

Saturday Cooper and I met up with Aunt Lori and Uncle Fred at the Farmer’s Market which Cooper found entertaining since there was people, dogs and Uncle Fred. Later Lori and I ran to Michael’s, I had a Father’s Day gift idea and needed her help with it. We found what I was looking for (Handprint picture frame) and headed back to her house. Its turned out pretty well by the end, pictures to follow later. Afterwards Lori and I took Cooper to the pool. He seemed to enjoy the water so we decided to make a morning of it on Sunday.

So, Sunday we woke up, Scott opened his presents…Cooper had painted a little wood box at daycare and Leah, his teacher, had taken pictures of all the kids in chef hats, with spoons, bowls, etc. and attached each child’s photo to the box and filled it with cookies (very cute), I decided Scott needed the “traditional” Father’s Day gift so we found a golf tie in the dollar spot at Target (classy) and then we presented him with the handprint frame which he thought was cool. Ty was with his dad so Avery, Cooper and I took Scott to breakfast before heading over the Aunt Lori’s to go swimming. This time we took everything, including his inflatable crab which we got on clearance last summer (yes, before he even arrived). We had a great time, Cooper loved the water and watching all the other kids, plus Lori made a cake which was the perfect treat after swimming.

As I mentioned previously, Ty is with his dad. His father decided that he’d like Ty to spend part of the summer in Alabama with him so they headed out of Austin yesterday. He’ll return him the beginning of August. I had a hard time saying good-bye, its the first time he’ll be far away for an extended amount of time like this.

Lastly, Cooper had decided he doesn’t like to crawl on tile floors.  He was trying to follow Uncle Fred around the kitchen but it must not have felt good on his knees so he did an extended arm and leg, cutt in the air crawl.  Too cute.