I came across, what I think, is a cute picture. Cooper was done!

Cooper’s daily sheet from the daycare yesterday mentioned that he held his own bottle for the first time. I tried to get him to do it at home last night but he wasn’t having it, he prefers to lay back with his hands behind his head (as if he’s relaxing) and let you take care of everything. Little stinker.

Our Arms Reach Co-sleeper is now posted on Craigslist and its been swapped out for the Pack n’ Play. Cooper was very excited when he realized he had more room to move around but not so excited to realize that he could no longer sit up and see us or climb into our bed. We did wait a bit too long to make the transition. Although once we can grip the top of the Pack n’ Play he’ll be pulling up to stare at us. He almost made it up last night but he couldn’t get a grip.