Lori and I spent the day shopping yesterday with Cooper in tow.  He was SOOO good.  We fed him before leaving the house, her and I took turns carrying him around or sitting on the floor with him while the other looked around, he flirted with anyone who would look at him, the kid that looks exactly like him showed up in EVERY mirror in the store which was awesome, he also showed off how he could sit up from the laying down position repeatedly and he decided to semi-crawl, okay it was just one knee and a half movement from the other knee.  He’s trying.  I think he’ll be crawling by the end of the month.

He is working on pulling up on everything which means the co-sleeper will be making it appearance on Craigslist since it won’t be safe for him anymore.  Scott said since I’m not ready to move him into his own room/bed that we’ll just move him into the pack n’ play next to the bed for a bit. 

Aunt Lori picked up Bye-Bye Bear for Cooper. He likes it when you read the book and use the puppet but if you leave it with him to play with then it becomes a good chew toy.

Cooper has also developed his first case of cradle crap, not bad but we need to figure out how to get rid of it before it gets bad.

We have started TRYING to use a cup. We started with a sippy cup but Cooper didn’t get the hang of the sucking since it was spill proof and he still refuses to use his hands.  He refuses to even hold his own bottle.  So now I just use a regular cup, he opens his mouth and I slowly let him “drink” from the cup.  He LOVES it, well at least the concept of it since he usually ends up with equal amounts of water down his shirt as in his mouth.  We used a water bottle this weekend while at Market Days in Wimberly and he’d just put his full mouth over the opening, needless to say, it quickly became his bottle.