For Memorial Day we invited some friends and family over, blew up Cooper’s pool and bbq’d.  It was a really nice day, a bit hot but it was nice to sit back and relax.  Tyler was a bit disappointed that the pool contained only a few inches of water but he got over that quickly once Cooper decided he was done and it turned into a water fight between me, Erin (a friend of Tiny’s) and Tyler.  Everyone else kept their distance since they didn’t want to get wet.  Weenies. Aunt Lori posted her pictures already.

This week Cooper has been working on this thing called crawling.  If he has something to brace his feet on his can get on his knees and rock back and forth, going nowhere.  If he has nothing to brace his feet on then he can scoot backwards until he’s CLOSE to where he wants to be, he then turns on his belly in circles to get EXACTLY where he wants to be.  He’s funny to watch, he’s so determined.