Amazon delivered packages yesterday, not only did Avery’s Chin up bar arrive but Cooper’s books! He got My Dad, I’ll Always Love You, How Many Kisses Do You Want Tonight?, Splish, Splash, Gregory the Terrible Eater and I Love You Stinky Face. Now he needs a larger bookshelf, 2 shelves just aren’t enough!

Aunt Lori and Uncle Fred have agreed to watch Cooper on Sunday so Scott and I can attend the benefit concert for the daycare.  I’m really excited to have an evening out together. 

Cooper knows what happens when the highchair gets rolled to the kitchen table, it either means he gets to eat (if he’s hungry) or he gets to play (if he’s not hungry).  Either way, its always a good thing and he enjoys that time.  At the end of either meal time or play time as soon as the tray is removed he starts trying to undo his seatbelt, its cute…least it will be as long as he doesn’t figure it out.  Once the seatbelt is undone he lifts his arms waiting to be picked up which is too cute also.

Last night I was trying to get a picture of Coop’s teeth.  It wasn’t working, then I pissed him off so Scott came running in to “save” him from the mean mommy…but not before I got a picture! Yay!  Now hopefully I can get Scott to upload May’s pictures soon.