Cooper tried bananas and peaches.  He’s giving bananas a chance although he doesn’t seem too excited over them and peaches, yeah, peaches are not even making it into his mouth.  He refuses to open again after the first bite…its cute to watch him press his lips firmly together. 

Speaking of bite, Cooper has 2 teeth making their way through his bottom gum.  The first made its appearance Friday night and by this morning the second had broken through next to the first.  I’ve tried to get pictures but he’s not having it.  I was worried that what we were looking at weren’t teeth but calcium deposits like last time but nope, they’re teeth.

He’s also fighting his naps today, I’ve gotten him down twice…for about 20 minutes each time.  I’m just glad he’s in a good mood.

His diaper rash has finally cleared up.  Now I’m not sure it was fully due to applesauce…it could have been from teething.  Either way, least its gone.

Mother’s Day is tomorrow.  Cooper already gave me the present he made at daycare.  The kids were all given wooden frames to paint, as they painted them Leah, their teacher, took pictures of each child painting to put into the frame. Its really cute.  On Friday all the frames with the pictures were lined up on the counter ready to go home.  Leah made sure to point out that Cooper was the only one with the color brown on his frame, she has no clue how he made brown with the colors she gave him, especially since he was the only one who made brown out of 8 kids.  He’s so talented. Heh.