Friday evening Scott put together Cooper’s highchair. He seems to really enjoy being higher up plus he loves to just sit and play when he’s done eating. Carrots were the new food for the week. They are a hit although I don’t think his butt feels the same.

Cooper turned 5 months this past Saturday. We attended a baby shower for my friend Heather whose having a girl! She’s naming her Mya. Cooper and I had a great time, plus it was so fun shopping for a little girl! Cooper got a few things while we were out too.

Cooper has started sitting up on his own. He’s learning that balance is important, even when tripod sitting or he face-plants himself into the carpet. He actually does really well until something catches his eye or he gets excited…then over he goes. Luckily, practice makes perfect. Now that he’s getting the hang of sitting up we decided this was the weekend to pull out of the bathtoys. Although the toys were cool, splashing still tops his list of bathtime fun.

My friend, Erin, gave me my first sewing lesson last night. The sewing machine, which I got for Christmas, finally made its debut for the first time yesterday and Cooper now has a new burp cloth! Its really cute and I did semi-well. I’m excited about future projects although I’m sticking with only square items (blankets, burp cloths, potholders, etc).