Cooper had his first plane ride last Wednesday, as previously mentioned my grandfather passed away so we flew up to Wisconsin. Cooper did great! We flew out of Austin, had an hour layover in Chicago…he was thrilled to be in the front carrier as we traveled through the airport. Chicago has an underground part that has tons of colorful lights which he thought were amazing and as we passed all the people he would squeal to get their attention. They’d smile and he’d laugh and flail his arms and legs. Very exciting stuff! Unfortunately, on the 20 minute flight from Chicago to Milwaukee he filled his pants, not just his pants but all the way up his back too. It was a small 3 seats to a row plane so there was no room in the restroom to change him nor any extra seats so I had to change him on my lap. The people seated in front of us were APPAULED, the 20-something year old guy behind me had his sweatshirt pulled over his nose and was trying to shove it into his nose…not that I blame him, it was not pleasant. There were 2 other guys within smelling distance who were very nice about it. Once Cooper had a clean diaper and new clothes everything went smoothly. As we unboarded I apologized to those around me, the guy with the sweatshirt shrugged and said “My sister has 2 of them and they stink too” and the 2 nice gentlemen said “What could you do?” which was so right, what could I do?!? They made up for the older people in the seat in front of us who were so rude.

My family were all thrilled to meet Cooper and Cooper was thrilled to be passed around.

The funeral was really nice, it was held in a church so when Cooper filled his pants it wasn’t much of an issue. Again, all the way up his back. (Starting solid food has been an adventure) I took him to the nursery to be changed which had speakers so you could still hear the service.

We spent a lot of time with family who I haven’t seen in YEARS. It was so enjoyable, stories were shared, meals were consumed and we all laughed a lot. It was such a good visit!

Saturday arrived quickly and it was time to say our good-byes. I cried, although I was missing the boys and Scott, I wasn’t quite ready to leave. The flights back were pretty noneventful. Our flight was delayed but since we arrived early we were put on an earlier one. We had a 3 hour layover in Chicago so Cooper was strapped into the front carrier and we went back and forth through the tunnel of lights which he was thrilled with. We arrived home an hour later than expected but Scott was waiting for us at the airport. Cooper was thrilled to wake up in his daddy’s arms.

It also snowed in Wisconsin Saturday, just flurries, but I drove in it.  Cooper seemed to like the snow.  Although he hated having to wear a jacket and/or sleeves when we went anywhere.  He certainly is a child from Texas!

Sidenote: The Chicago airport is a terminal where lots of military personnel pass through daily. People were going up to servicemen just to shake their hand and thank them for serving their country. It was very touching.

Sunday, Cooper and I were exhausted, okay it was mainly me. (Saturday had been a long day and we arrived in Austin around midnight) When Cooper took his afternoon nap I laid down with him, he only slept for about 40 minutes so Scott took him and I was able to take a longer, much needed nap. It was wonderful. Once I woke up it was time to meet friends for dinner.

Cooper tried squash for the first time yesterday. He liked it a lot.  Sweet potatoes are still a favorite though. Carrots are next…

Its been so good being home, I missed all my boys.
Pictures to follow eventually.