Cooper spent Saturday morning with Aunt Lori and Uncle Fred while Avery and I attended the Parent Work Day at the daycare.  I warned her that Cooper rolls and to be careful.  I dropped him at 7:30, picked him up at 1…she said he never rolled. Heh.  She did say that he had a good time even though all they did was played and ran errands (which to Lori’s surprise, random people will come up and start talking to you about your baby).  Uncle Fred seemed ready for Cooper to go by the time I picked him up…she said he was good though.

As far as the Parent Work Day, it was quick and easy.  Avery was a huge help.  Also, I have a fear of running bugs and one of the projects was to clear out under a back porch which obviously hadn’t been cleaned out in a long time.  Yeah, I stood back, screaming and jumping more than a few times.  I can never show my face to those parents again.  Luckily most parents requested take-home projects or just paid the $50 to get out of it all-together.  I also got to use a power drill…I felt very empowered!

During the Parent Work Day one of the parents asked if the center needed another exersaucer.  I piped in that we were looking for one but the one they were offering wouldn’t be available for another month or two.  I’m glad I mention it though since the director offered us one thats currently not being used and they don’t have the storage room for it.  We have to bring it back when we’re done with it but Cooper is going to be thrilled.  He loves spending his day looking out the window and playing in that thing.  I’m very excited.  I still want to get him a Jumperoo at some point yet too.

The remainder of the day was spent with a new friend, Jen and her son, Ozzy. Ozzy is 7 months and Cooper was quite entranced watching him. Plus he made googley eyes at Jen but she fed him so that could explain that.  We had a great time.  She’s new to Austin, in fact, she’s new to Texas, moved from California last week…so she ran an errand with me and we went to get food at Magnolia Cafe.  We plan to spend more time next weekend.

Cooper started cereal this weekend.  He liked it at first but then Scott mentioned it was a bit liquidy so I added more cereal…he does not like it when its not liquidy.  We’ll continue with cereal for a week and then move onto veggies next week.  One of the errands that Jen and I ran was to pick up a Bumbo that I bought from someone off Craigslist. ($15!)  It was recommended that we use one of those to feed Cooper in since he can’t sit by himself yet.  I learned this weekend that those are made of foam instead of plastic like I originally thought, I was previously completely against them…they are now too cool!

Sunday Scott and I ran some errands and while we were at Target we found this thing that looked like a watergun with a fan and a bubble wand attached to the front…Cooper loves bubbles!  This thing can fan out hundreds of bubbles with each shoot!  Now we just need to get a huge thing of bubble solution since I’ve never been good at making my own.

We had a great weekend and I’m still waiting on Scott to upload pictures to post…