This week is Spring Break which means our schedule is off, not necessarily in a bad way, although Cooper may disagree. I’m not sure if its actually our schedule, the time change that took affect this past weekend or just that its Spring Break so theres no daycare but Cooper’s naps have been at random and at night he’s been waking 2-3 times instead of just once. I’d gotten spoiled with so much sleep…I miss it.

Since no one has school or daycare Scott took the week off to stay home with Coop and  I took a couple days off so we could have some family time.  The past few days have been busy but a lot of fun too, we’ve attended the Purina Dog Challenge, went the rodeo to see Whiplash the Cowboy Monkey, the boys got to go on all the rides at the carnival, we watched Mutton Bustin’, travelled to the Cameron Park Zoo in Waco and visited the Children’s Museum when it poured rain on Monday.  Golfing, NASA and the Snake Farm are still in the future. 

With it being SXSW this week also there are tons of bands playing, a lot for free.  We’re debating going down to Auditorium Shores for the 3-day free concert.  Not sure if it will be too hot and plus with it being free there are bound to be idiots…

In other news, Cooper has definitely formed a personality…he believes that everything must go into the mouth, everything!  If it gets close enough to go into the mouth, he believes it should. Including the fingers of anyone who holds him.

Cooper believes carseats should be banned.  He’s developed a hatred for his carseat.  He cries as soon as we stick him in it but calms down rather quickly once we start moving.

If you run your finger from Cooper’s forehead down to the tip of his nose his eyes close and he’s asleep, this works as long as he’s tired and fighting sleep.  He hates this trick and hasn’t figured out a way to counter it.  Although he gets compliments from his teachers at daycare about how easy he is to put to sleep.  They lay him down, give him a binky and he’s out.

Cooper has decided that standing is the way to go, screw sitting, its just not as good.  He gets the biggest grin from standing.  He also does the “Coopie hula” as Aunt Lori calls it.  He stands but his balance isn’t always the best so his whole body “hulas”. 

Cooper believes that when he’s hungry the world must stop.  He gets very upset very quickly if he has to wait.  Tears come quickly.  Patience isn’t one of his virtues yet.  He makes a loud yelling type cry that sounds like his saying “Get it”…its cute.

Bath time has become quite enjoyable.  Especially since the “kid” that keeps appearing in the mirror at bathtime is the coolest ever.  Cooper really enjoys kicking him and laughs like crazy when he makes contact. (We have video but we’re still working on posting it someplace.)  The “kid” in the mirror appears at other times but he KNOWS he will be there at bathtime.

Cooper has learned to take his pacifier in and out of his mouth.  He’s quite proud of this skill. 

His hands have also become fascinating and he now grips his feet whenever he notices them. In the mornings he loves to lay in his co-sleeper telling us “stories”  and laughing as he grips his toes.  He finds the stories even more hilarious when we share our own stories or ask questions about the ones he’s telling.