We finally packed the hospital bag Thursday evening. 

We walked last night, I had contractions going pretty well but couldn’t keep them going once we got home.  I’m really ready to be done at this point.  I know I still have a full week til the actual due date but I’m feeling huge, I have no real clothes that fit and I’m mostly wearing Scott’s t-shirts at this point.  I have a massage scheduled for Friday and I’m going to schedule a pedicure for next weekend also…we’ve gotten tons of advice on how to get labor going so I figure I might as well not let it go to waste.

This weekend we’re determined to pick/finalize a name.  Although we still won’t be devulging it until he’s born. 

Next week Scott starts his time off for “paternity” leave, he has 2 weeks.  Unfortunately he had to give notice over a month ago, but luckily he has some flexibility in case “Thor” decides to be late.  I’ve slowly started cutting back my hours at work but next week I’m cutting back to 3 days a week and shorter hours on the days I am there.