Scott has finished the baby laundry.  There was another huge pile when I arrived home from work yesterday, after our Bradley class I spent the evening watching tv while folding laundry and Scott won the job of hauling it all into the baby’s room to be put away.  

On our way to our birthing class last night Scott mentioned he had fit the base for the carseat into his car so its all set.   He’s so cute. 

Last night was our second to last Bradley class, only one more week although we still need to make up class 6.  The focus last night was birth scenarios.  Mainly what I came away from class with was the fact that you should birth at home for as long as possible which I had planned to do anyway, although she mentioned since this is #3 we might not want to wait too long, the more you have the faster they make their appearance into the world.  Next week is basic newborn care and ice cream (we’re mainly going for the ice cream)!