“I didn’t absolutely hate it”…Scott’s exact words.  I must admit, it wasn’t exactly what I expected but I did enjoy it and I think we’ll get some useful information by the end of the 12 weeks.  One positive aspect, which my doctor was worried wouldn’t be stressed to us but the instructor came through on, was to emphasis that if we don’t have a natural birth, we nor the birth should be considered a failure of any kind.  As long as the baby comes out its considered a success. 

Scott’s sister and brother-in-law are moving down from NY, they should be here in about a week.  I’m THRILLED they’re coming but I’ve been emotional about taking apart the baby room and turning it back into a guestroom.  I realize this baby will basically be living in our bedroom for the first 2-4 months anyway, but still…theres just something real about having a baby room.  Scott doesn’t understand my emotions either.