Scott and I celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary this past weekend.  This was most likely be our last getaway before “Thor” arrives and the kids start school again.  I was one of four pregnant women staying at the B&B, the pre-baby getaway seemed to be a popular idea.  It was a very relaxing weekend, despite the fact that I caught a cold or something and ended up laying around more than originally planned.

We visited a wine bar Sunday evening not far from the B&B and started talking with, Jessica, one of the girls who worked there.  She gave excellent recommendations on wines to try that evening and she also gave us a couple ideas for a name, one name in particular we really liked and may use which would be a cute story to share with this child later in life.   

We start our Bradley birthing classes this evening.  Scott is going to kill me if we spent this lump sum and he isn’t at all enlightened by the 12 weeks of classes.  Heh.