We met with our doctor today, she was very encouraging.  She said not to worry about the umbilical cord condition at this point.  For now, its not affecting the baby in any negative way, in fact, I’m measuring at 24 weeks which is great.  I’ve gained 8 pounds in the last month (20lbs total), Scott blames the double stuffed oreos and chocolate milk, I think its because the morning sickness has passed (finally) but then again, oreos might have something to do with it too.

I mentioned the pelvic/groin pain I’ve been having.  She says its normal and to get a maternity belt.  Apparently once you’ve had children no matter what you do or how good a shape you get back into after the baby’s born you can’t strengthen those muscles and they become more weak with each pregnancy.   I can only imagine what my friend with 6 kids actually feels.

Our next visit with her is August 15, I’ll have the gestational diabetes test done at that time.  Hopefully its negative, I can’t imagine going the remainder of this pregnancy without sugar.