My two older son’s decided to spend the day with their father, which is fine, it was his weekend.  They did come home with a present they had made with the help of their grandmother.  It was a box filled with about 20 items, such as an eraser with a notecard stating “To erase the mistakes we’ve made in the past”; a chain with a notecard stating “To keep us all together even with the changes coming in our future”; there were others which I might include at a later date but it was a really cool gift.

Our baby blob gave me a card, a locket and a plant which was a really cute touch and I’m sure my husband had something do with it.  Scott took me out for bunch and we visited the Botanical Gardens which are beautiful this time of year. 

Unfortunately, the day ended with me worshipping the porcelain throne.  I thought I was almost over the morning sickness.  I’ve only been throwing up when I brushed my teeth each morning, but I guess not.   


I haven’t thrown up during sex in a little over a week now!!!!!  I think that has been one of the worst parts of this pregnancy so far, talk about a mood killer.  Luckily Scott took it in stride and even joked that it was unfortunate he didn’t have a vomit fetish.  (Reason #224 as to why I love him)


As far as food, its my friend for the most part, thankfully.  I’ve had some cravings.  Right now its biscuits and gravy each morning.  Yum!  Scott has been really good about my cravings also, I wanted a burrito bowl with only beans, rice and cheese and a side of chips and guacamole, oh, and I couldn’t go into the restaurant due to the smell, Scott took care of it for me.  He also drove all over the other night for almost an hour because I was craving crab, either crab wontons or a California roll, it didn’t matter which, I just wanted one or the other, unfortunately there was no place open since it was 10:30 on a Wednesday night.  To my surprise, the next day he bought me a California roll.  So worth the wait. 

Our next doctor appointment is May 25.  We’ll get to hear the heartbeat!

One more thing, I realize its mostly likely too early, but I swear I’ve felt this baby move.  Scott thinks it was gas…I think he’s wrong.