I figured I’d bleed or test…I didn’t bleed but the test was confusing.  The positive line was very faint until after 10 minutes which the directions said not the trust the results at that point. 

I waited and took another test the next morning, it was:

Test positive

I text Scott “Your boys do swim”  He called back, “Told you” 

Scott is absolutely amazing.


Last night Scott sent an email with the pregnancy test picture as the attachment; Heading: Guess What and Body of the email: See attachment, any questions?

Scott’s mom didn’t see it until this morning and called, she seemed excited which was a relief, she’s always said she’s not ready to be a grandmother yet.

We told Ty last night and told him to not to tell Avery, just for fun.  Of course he told Av, Av didn’t believe him.  (Which we knew he wouldn’t which was also part of our fun) Ty later came to us and said “EWWWW…you got jiggy”  He later told Scott he thought it would take longer…not sure what that means.

For Av he didn’t want to ask since Ty is the one who told him so I went in and threw the pregnancy test at him, he looks at me as it hits him and he says “You peed on that” with a disgusted look.  But he looked at it and a grin appeared. 

My mom is looking forward to being there for the birth since she missed Ty’s.


I wanted Dr. Swenson, she delivered my first child but she’s not available on Mondays.  My second was born in another state so I can’t go back to that doctor although I think she was the best I’ve ever had…okay, I realize I only have 2 to compare but there was a huge difference in the births.  Anyway, Scott’s only day off during the week is Monday so I had to choose someone else since its important to us that we do this together.

A friend recommended Dr. Reich, so we’ll see how it goes.  

Our first appointment is March 26, 2007.