Last Sunday we headed over to the Dell Diamond for Cooper’s first Round Rock Express [baseball] game.  We arrived early enough to enjoy their special events, pony rides, inflatable slide and obstacle course, free baseball glove, plus Cooper and Scott got to play ball on the field!  Although we didn’t realize it was BYOB (bring you own baseball) so we had to buy a $4 ball but Cooper has slept with the glove and ball nightly since Sunday.  Well worth it.

We didn’t actually get seats, we opted for grass seating in the outfield, although it can be pretty dangerous, we say one kid actually get hit by a ball and another small child was barely missed, luckily his father was quick. Cooper got to run around if needed. At the end of the night they let all the kids run the bases, Coop was a bit confused at first but he caught on quickly and took off like a bolt of lighting. He asked “one more time” as he met Scott at home plate. It was a great night!


*On our way to daycare* 
Cooper:  Where’s Daddy?
Me: At home.
Cooper: Where’s Avery?
Me: At home.
Cooper: Where’s Tyler?
Me: At home.
Cooper: Where’s Sasha[dog]?
Me: At home.
Cooper: Where’s Lucy[dog]?
Me: At home.
*long pause*
Me: Where do you think Deesa [cat] is?
Not missing a beat, Cooper: On the table.
The cat is literally always on a table, the kitchen table is off limits and Cooper hates when she sits on his drawing table, she gets shooed from the table often.

*I put on a skirt the other morning*
Cooper: Ohhhh…Mommy’s wearing a princess skirt, I want to wear a princess skirt!
Scott: We don’t have one that will fit you.
Cooper: Lenox (a friend at daycare) does, I can ask her for one.
Scott: You can do that.

*Driving home after daycare, we needed to pick up Avery*
Cooper: Home is that way (as we pass our street)
Me: We’re going to pick up Avery.
Cooper: I don’t want to get Avery, I want Tyler.
It amazes me that the kid knows when we get to close to home no matter which direction we take.

*Looking through an animal picture book*
Me: What’s this? (pointing to a ferret)
Cooper: Thats what Sasha ate.
*looks at the dog*
Cooper: We don’t bite our friends, Sasha!
Sasha killed a opossum a couple weeks ago and Cooper saw it before she got it.

Wildflower Center:

April 23, 2010. The day St. George slayed the dragon…the kids got to reenact the slaying of the dragon with helmets, swords and shields they made themselves. Cooper walked right past the dragon to smell the bluebonnets…he’s a lover, not a fighter.

I can’t believe Cooper is already 2 1/2!  He’s growing into such a big boy. 

We’re struggling a bit with potty training.  He does great at home.  In fact, we can leave him in underwear and as long as he’s not playing outside, he goes on his potty whenever he needs to without reminders most of the time.  He even takes naps in his underwear and is able to go all night long in underwear, without an accident and even knows to go to the potty as soon as he wakes up.  Unfortunately, its not like that at daycare, nor in any other public setting.  Although he did give me hope 2 weekends ago while we were at the zoo with friends, he told me he needed to potty and he actually went when I took him, no accidents at all that day.  That hasn’t happened again.  At least we are completely out of diapers.

With potty training has come that ability to take off clothes and run naked if he feels like it.  He’s mastered putting his shoes on and off…socks, he’s slow but can do it.  Shirts and shorts come off with ease although shirts don’t go back on and shorts are hit or miss, he is able to do it though.  Its cute right now, although the daycare frowns at taking off your pants while on the playground as Cooper found out.

Watching how his mind works is just amazing.  He has his routines.  He watches for the construction vehicles at the jobsites we pass on the way to daycare each day and loves pointing out the front loader, the excavator, the diggers, the dump trucks or bobcats.  He tells me if the guys are working or not.  If we time it right we get to see the train go by right before we get to daycare and he especially loves when we’re the first one in line so he can see it up close.  At the end of the day as we approach the house he watches for our neighbor, Ms. Peggy’s car.  If its there he wants to go over and say hi or show her his backpack, he’ll make up any excuse.  When we arrived home yesterday he saw her car and asked to go over, I told him she was probably resting and he said “She might let me come in anyway.”  He knows she always has a snack for him, with milk and that he can explore her backyard and when Mr. Larry comes home, he’ll get to talk to him and see his motorcycle.  We love Mr. Larry and Ms. Peggy!

Cooper is doing great in his own bed.  He’s started getting up by himself in the morning instead of crying for us.  Since he has the monitor in there we can hear him turn on the light above his bed, climb down his ladder, you hear his door open and close and then we wait for our bedroom door to open and as it does, he automatically turns on the overhead light…it sucks when he does it at 5a.m. though.

Independence has become his middle name.

Me: Cooper, we’re going to go eat edamame.
Cooper: *gets a serious look on his face* We don’t eat our Mommies!
Me: No, edamame.
Cooper: We don’t eat our friends, we eat our food.

Me: Cooper don’t off your shoes in the car.
Cooper: I need my shoes off.
Me: No you don’t.
Cooper: *whispers* Yes I do.

Cooper has a social calendar that would make the Pope jealous.  This coming weekend he’s invited to 2 birthday parties, one at 10 and another at 3…now for the kicker…they are both at Austin Children’s Museum!  Its not his favorite place but he loves his friends so he’ll just be thrilled to get to hang out with them.  The weekend after he has 2 parties again, then we have a weekend off and the weekend after he has 1 party for 2 kiddos, nice to kill 2 birds with one stone. 

Cooper has officially graduated to his big boy bed, he no longer even asks to sleep in “Mommy’s big boy bed.”  Cooper is now sleeping through the night and there’s no real fuss when bedtime comes around. There’s always the “Read it one more time” fuss when its time to stop reading and turn out the light but thats nothing new.

We’ve also started potty training officially.  We started just at home on Saturday and let him wear diapers when we left the house, Sunday was full graduation to underwear…we’ve had a few accidents so we’re thinking about trying Pull-Ups for a bit since they “hold” more.  We’ll see how the rest of the week goes before the final votes are counted.

Cooper enjoyed Easter.  He attended Easter egg hunts, Friday at daycare, Saturday in a friend’s neighborhood and Sunday at Aunt Lori’s house.  He’s had way more chocolate the last couple days than he has in his entire life.  As soon as he realized there was chocolate in the eggs, he was done hunting, he’d sit down and eat whatever was in his eggs, ignoring any pleas of hunting more eggs. His Easter basket was a hit and lunch with Aunt Lori and Uncle Fred was a lot of fun, Bruno even got to enjoy some cake while no one was looking. Heh.

After the egg hunt on Saturday Cooper and I attended the Funky Chicken Coop Tour. Cooper loved visiting the chickens and kept asking to see more chickens. I’d really like to get some chickens, I think Cooper would really enjoy them, plus I’d like fresh eggs…its still be discussed so we’ll see. The tour was a lot of fun though. Its cool to see what other people have and get ideas for your own coop.

Scott finally uploaded a ton of pictures from the camera but those deserve their own post…

Pictures from the annual “St. Patty’s Day” party Cooper attends:

Thanks Uncle Fred for sending the picture from when we attended Explore UT a few weeks ago!  Cooper made the hat…

Scott took off this week to spend spring break with the boys. Its been quite an eventful week too. The week started off slow but on Wednesday, I took the day off so we could spend the day at the rodeo. Cooper was so excited to go on the pony rides, play on the John Deer tractors, visit the petting zoo, he ate a corndog bigger than him, we watch Mutton Bustin’ which he will be participating in when he turns 5. Although hopefully by then he won’t root for the sheep. He stood up yelling “Go sheep, go!” and “Run sheep, run, good sheep!” He loved it and other around him were amused. We also watched the Swine Sprints and we ended our day with Whiplash, the dog riding monkey.

He cheered on the monkey even though the dog did all the work. We had a great time.

Thursday, Uncle Tiny came into town and helped us get a mattress for Cooper’s “house.” Scott made Cooper a loft bed which he calls his house. He moved his kitchen in, he has a bookshelf built into it that holds his books and anything else he decides, he has a rocking chair under it. Its quite the set up.

Afterwards Cooper, Scott and Uncle Tiny (Ty and Avery aren’t interested in the zoo) went to the San Antonio Zoo. We went a few weeks ago with Ronan and his family but this time the new Africa Live Exhibit was open. Cooper loves the zoo.

Which brings us to last night…Cooper spent his first night in his new bed all by himself! We went out, picked up new sheets and a waterproof pad, came home and put them on his bed. He was so excited. We hooked up the baby monitor we received as a baby gift and never used until now…it also has a night light on it, bonus! Cooper and I laid down in his bed and read books like usual, then we turned off the lights, I reminded him that if he woke up and needed me all he needed to do was yell and I’d be right there. He yelled at 4a.m. and again at 5:30a.m. Both times I was right there in no time and he was back to sleep within 10 minutes. He did really well. Cooper even called me on the phone this morning to tell me he slept in his bed and he was wearing Elmo underwear.

Underwear…we’re not pushing it since he just moved into his new bed but Cooper’s been showing more and more interest in potty training so we picked up some underwear when he got him sheets. I can’t say he’s been consistent with using the potty but he uses it in the morning after he wakes up and last night he used it before we put on his underwear and then spent the few hours before bed in his Cookie Monster underwear. We need to pick up pull ups for when we’re out and about until he’s more used to using the toilet. Progress…

This past Saturday was Explore UT Austin. Luckily we had an in on parking since Uncle Fred works for UT…he was also happy to join Cooper and I to the event. Cooper’s two main objectives were to meet Clifford the Big Red Dog and eat gummy bears. Both he accomplished, although Clifford was a bit intimidating so he stood and waved from afar. He got to play in the fountains around UT, made a hat from a brown paper HEB bag, ate liquid nitrogen ice cream, walked a lot, got a balloon hat and made fake snowballs. We stayed for about 5 hours before calling it quits.

A couple days ago I happened to mention to Scott that his sister’s birthday was coming up on the 14th. Cooper was sitting there when I mentioned it, he got really excited and started talking about “We sing happy birfday Aunt Wori.” For days now all we hear about is Aunt Lori’s birthday, we get to sing, blow out candles, fire fire and eating cake. He is so excited. I called her yesterday and set it up for Friday for her to come over so Cooper can sing, blow out her candles and eat cake.

A month and a half has passed since our last update. I have no pictures, although the camera is currently holding over 1000 which need to be uploaded.

Cooper played his first round of Putt-Putt last weekend. He loved it…okay, he loved putting the ball in the hole. He’d hit it a few times and then walk over and kurplunk! I think he plays the same way his father plays golf.

The weekend before last we visited the San Antonio Zoo. I woke up Sunday morning and decided we should have some fun. I asked Cooper if he wanted to go to the zoo. His response, “No, see Ronan.” So I called Ronan’s mom and luckily her and her family were up for a zoo trip. We had a great time. The boys were so excited to see one another.

The day before the zoo we took Cooper to get a real “Big Boy Bike.” No plastic on this thing, its a really huffy.

The Saturday before the zoo trip that Aunt Lori took Cooper to see Elmo and Friends at the Frank Erwin Center. They had a blast! Cooper was so excited to see Elmo, Big Bird and Cookie Monster. That Monday on the way to daycare we passed the Erwin Center and Cooper asked where Elmo was. I told him he went back home to Sesame Street. Cooper asked when he’d come back, I told him to ask Aunt Lori…now its on her shoulders…

The end of January, beginning of February was filled with birthday parties which thrilled Cooper to no end. Lots of jumpy’s in backyards and a trip to My Gym which he an awesome place! Plus, he loves singing “Happy Birfday!” Even when there isn’t a birthday, its a song we sing often.

Cooper also got his very own gym membership.

Wow, Cooper’s birthday, Thanksgiving, mix in a few birthday parties, Christmas, our New York trip and New Years has come and gone without an update. I hate playing catch up since whatever I post here won’t give justice to the happenings of the last 2 months…so I will update in pictures with short blurbs!

We had Cooper’s Birthday party at Arrowhead Ranch. It believe it was a success even though it rained Friday evening and into the early morning hours on Saturday. We still had a great turn out, 17 kids total. Cooper had a blast and from what I hear on the playground, it was the party to be at! In fact, its still being talked about. Seriously though, we had ponies, goats, chickens and rabbits. I am proud to announce, I even caught a chicken!

Cooper’s friend, Sam, had his birthday party the same day Cooper did (they were also born on the same day)…Cooper stole his bike (with Sam’s parents permission):

Thanksgiving was very low-key. We did attend the Chuy’s Children Giving to Children Parade. Cooper loved it, he waved at everyone passing by for most of the parade, except when the firetrucks came by and blew their sirens, he was happy again once when the Biscuit Brothers came through!

His daycare class made t-shirts, Cooper was very proud of his:

As far as Christmas, our trip to New York to visits Scott’s parents and New Years…Scott has yet to upload pictures so another update will hopefully come soon.

By the way, he now has names for Scott’s parents: Mema My Dot (Scott’s mom) and Papa (Scott’s Dad). Neither of his parents could get enough of Cooper, we all had a great visit.

Cooper’s Lifespan